Tuesday, May 15, 2012

American Couple Survives Two Days Without Internet Access

Dawson Creek—An American couple, Kathy and Steve Dennis, are recovering here after two days on the Alaska Highway without internet access. Authorities doubt they will suffer any long term effects from the ordeal.
A distraught Dennis tries to connect.

“We were OK in Watson Lake (Yukon),” Mr. Dennis reported. “It was a slow connection but serviceable. The problems began at Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park.”
The hot springs have been attracting visitors since fur trappers discovered the mineral waters in the last century. They were also popular with crews building the Alaska Highway but, even today, services are limited and do not include power or internet access.
“It’s a beautiful park,” added Mrs. Dennis. “A long boardwalk takes you to the natural pools. It was wonderful, but no internet service was available. No cell service either, for that matter."
The travelers escaped those conditions and headed further south. They were teased with wifi at the Toad River Lodge but were compelled to move on before they could blog.
Internet connections were plentiful in bustling Fort Nelson but schedule forced them on to the “wifi unavailable” Sikanni River RV site.
“I can’t tell you how stressful it’s been having to read and talk to each other for two days,” Dennis said.
Following a brief recovery here in Dawson Creek the couple will continue to Prince George and Kamloops where they anticipate better coverage.

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