Monday, April 23, 2012

The Arctic Chalet; Traveling in Style

Arctic Chalet folded for travel
Since we will be spending a great deal of time away from major cities we wanted to upgrade our camping experience to better handle rain and bears, not necessarily in that order. For many years we have depended on a North Face Expedition tent for our accommodations in the wild. We have been through wind, rain and snow in such a tent. However this year we upgraded to what we call a “hard sided” tent, our “pop up” trailer.

The Arctic Chalet Arrowhead is easy to tow and set up. Once it’s up it offers ample space for two, hot and cold water, refrigerator, stove and even a heater. We believe its hard sides will at least slow a bear down and make him earn his supper. 

Completed roof
Raising the roof
Kathy is skilled at stuffing two weeks of food and gear into a compact sea kayak and is putting those skills to good use selecting food and gear for this trip. Between the tow car and Chalet we should be able to fit all the "must have" stuff. Unlike kayak trips to remote areas, we will be able to purchase supplies along the way. Services may be far apart but people do live along the roads to Alaska.

 Supporting the local businesses is fun and adds variety to the shopping and eating experience. But, if we need a touch of home, there are two Costco Stores, three Targets and nine Walmarts in the 49th state. The place is truly civilized.

Raise the side walls

Ready for move in.

We plan to spend most nights camping in the trailer but will toss in the occasional motel room with an indoor shower and other luxuries.This trip will be our idea of a modified "roughing it" experience.

 So, we are looking forward to our Arctic Chalet experiment. It will be interesting to see if it meets our expectations.  

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