Thursday, April 26, 2012

B. C. is a Big Place! Prince George and Beyond

British Columbia is a big place! We knew that before we embarked but, somehow, when you’re driving and driving the scale of the place sinks in. We have covered 800 miles and have 200 to go to reach Prince Rupert and our ferry north. (For comparison, that’s about the distance from Seattle to Los Angeles or Miles City Montana!)
Cataline Motel & RV Park

Tonight we are nestled into the Cataline Motel and RV Park near Hazelton B.C. This is the kind of place you go through to get to somewhere else but, with our Chalet, home is where we park it. We used a rigid criteria to select this place—it was open. Most of the RV parks don’t open for a few weeks so we could not be choosy. Actually this RV park wasn’t open either. The owner, who must be ok since she has a cattle dog, let us park by the motel and use the facilities in an unoccupied room next to the Chalet. Not classy but not shabby either.

Heading north this morning we passed the turn to the Bowron Lakes area. Kathy’s father loved the Bowron Lakes which are a series of four lakes arranged as the sides of a square. You can paddle each, portage to the next and, after 8 days and 80 miles of paddling, you end up where you started.

       We have been passing through farming, ranching and timber country with lots of sawmills. The people we meet are typical of so many Canadians, friendly and helpful with a good (or tolerant) sense of humor. We had expected more mountains but traveled rolling countryside. Now, as we approach the coast our valley is surrounded by snow covered mountains north and west.

World's Largest Fly Fishing Rod

We got our Costco fix, the last for a few days, in Prince George, one of the larger interior towns. I think we set a record—our bill was under $20, excluding the two hot dogs.
We passed through some noteworthy places again today.
·         ***Vanderhoof, the “Geographic Center of British Columbia” and
·         ***Houston, the “Home of the World’s Largest Fly Fishing Rod.”
We past near Fort St. James, which is “More Than Just a One Horse Town”
How good is that? Ya gotta love PR people!

Road Wrap; The Good Idea that Wasn’t

Road Wrap Gone Wild

Wandering through Camping World (the RV store!) before the trip I came upon a roll of “Road Wrap.” It sounded great. If you are going where there are bugs or the chance of flying gravel you apply this sticky back, clear film to your car and, presto, your paint is protected. Alaska is noted for bugs and flying gravel so it seemed like a great idea.
So far, not so great. First, despite how it looked in the picture on the box, it was hard to apply to curved surfaces without creases and bubbles. Then, as we drive along, I’ve begun shedding my wrap like a snake sheds it’s skin. A few more days of driving and it will all be gone. Not to worry; I have more. As long as I have more I will stick it on in the hopes that the gravel and bugs hit before it flies off again!

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